About CompuTrust Software

Since 1982, the CompuTrust Software System has been providing a fully secure environment for managing investments and assets, financial activity, correspondence, and caseworker assignments.  Our software has been continually improving over the years with input from our customers and the experience of our dedicated staff.  CompuTrust Software is designed to enable personnel to easily accomplish their day-to-day tasks and apply effective technology to the offices of Public Guardians, Administrators, Fiduciaries & Conservators.

Our software solution is offered as an internal, server-based, web-accessible solution or as a fully hosted solution.  The integrated modules can be tailored to generate customized reports, establish checks & balances, restrict access, and provide the system administrator with the ability to manage daily management functions directly through the application.

Our support staff, who through long-term interactive relationships with customers, cultivates an ever growing suite of products & enhancements and offers unsurpassed assistance to keep everyone on track and running smoothly.