CTI-V3 Hosted

CTI-V3 Hosted is the name of our subscriber based product which provides you with:

  • A robust Commercial Off-The-Shelf Solution (COTS)
  • All the best components of our CTI solution in a standardized platform
  • Delivered for a fraction of the cost of a solution that requires configuration
  • Reduced capital expenditures associated with hardware & implementation
  • A plug & play turn-key solution, perfect for small to medium-sized agencies

This solution is ideally suited for agencies that require an automated data management solution but with limited funds and IT support.  CTI-V3 Hosted is managed through a top-tier hosting provider. An annual or monthly subscription fee covers hardware, licenses, support, data backup and maintenance.

CTI-V3 Hosted is accessed via the internet, so there is no extended deployment or installation time. Once the initial installation is complete, all future upgrades are applied automatically.

CTI-V3 Hosted delivers all the benefits of a fully installed enterprise-level solution without the time or cost involved in owning the process.