Included Modules

Case Management:

  • Client profiles include relevant personal data
  • Dashboard provides a way to alert users about important tasks to organize and manage work flow
  • Scanned documents can be linked to client records
  • Case notes provide a way to organize and manage work flow, record and collect fees for services for case management
  • Caseworkers have immediate access to case notes when performing routine tasks, such as interviews, court appearances or visits, on behalf of clients


  • Trust accounting updates client account balances immediately, handles recurring and one-time payables and receivables
  • Laser check printing on pre-printed or blank check stock
  • Support for ACH (direct deposits) and Positive Pay programs
  • Court accounting generates accurate schedules of income, expenditures, investments and property; easily edited
  • Caseworkers have immediate access to financial information when planning purchases

Deposit Module:  For Managing Incoming Client Monies:

  • Allows for multiple client entries to be posted as a batch and matched with the daily deposit slip
  • Provides a second security level
  • Receipts are linked to sale of assets

Asset Management:

  • Tracks inventory, including: real estate, stocks & bonds, personal property, vehicles, and cash assets
  • Tracks insurance and liabilities as related to assets
  • Allows accounting staff to record asset valuation, dispose of clients’ assets and calculate any gain/loss on sale
  • Generates inventory and appraisal schedules for the courts
  • Images and video can be linked to client records for assets

Paperless Review and Approval Process:

  • Allows supervisors to review and approve requests electronically
  • Multi-level approvals can be set up for secure check processing
  • Scanned invoices can be linked to transactions


  • We support the use of Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) for report development.
  • All grid data can be filtered, sorted, and exported to Excel
  • Several standard reports are included